Presenter’s Profiles

Festival of Sacred Dance Music & Song

9 – 15 July 2022

Our wonderful presenters for this year…

Nanni Kloke studied classical ballet and modern dance at the University of Arts in Amsterdam and Rotterdam graduating as a stage dancer and dance pedagogue. She studied ‘Meditation en Croix’ and Sacred Dance with Bernhard Wosien and since 1984 has been teaching her own choreographies worldwide.
Joachim Goerke is an exceptional pianist, composer and singer. His music transcends the barriers between sound and silence, and he performs as a concert pianist and singer in his solo concerts. He has a number of CDs and has written “Vowel Power – a Holistic Guide to developing the Voice”.

Peter Vallance has been part of the Festival throughout its existence and teaches the evenings of Scottish Ceilidh Dances and Dances from India. He contributes to other evenings and is an enthusiastic and humorous storyteller and teacher. He leads tours to Scottish Sacred Sites and is Artistic Director of the  Universal Hall.

Laura Shannon has been researching and teaching traditional folk dances for over thirty years, and is known worldwide for her pioneering work with women’s ritual dances. Weaving together Sacred Dance and Dance/Movement Therapy, Laura’s teaching seeks to reveal the hidden wisdom and healing energy traditional dances contain. She has published widely on Sacred Dance, produced numerous CDs, and in 2016 edited the book “String of Pearls: Celebrating 40 Years of Sacred Dance in the Findhorn Community”. Laura lives in Findhorn and in Greece.

Susanne Anders Bartholomäi is a dance teacher who fuses Sacred Dance into DanceMeditation, aiming to bring awareness into subtle levels of the body, the mind and the heart. She lives in the Findhorn Community.

Barbara Swetina is a classically trained musician who has been the inspiration behind the devotional singing culture in Findhorn – Taize Singing – over many decades. She plays many instruments and loves to share songs and dances which create connection to Divine Essence. Her CD’s and songbooks have inspired song circles worldwide. She is the author of ‘The MusicTrain’, a game that teaches how to read music.

Peter, Sue & Tom
O’Connell’s Band
Indian Band

Kate and Rory O’Connell were instrumental in bringing live music to sacred circle dance at the Findhorn Foundation from the early 80s. As talented and inspirational musicians they bring an immense joy and vivacity to everything they do.  

Indian Band A number of Indian musicians and musicians who play and sing Indian music live and play locally. They will provide music for the Gujarati dances Garba and Dandia and other dances choreographed to music from India.

Kathryn Kusa

Francesca Stridgen

Findhorn Teachers Include Brant Bambery, Alison Seaborne, Francesca Stridgen, Katharina Kroeber & Kathryn Kusa.

Sue Clutterbuck has been part of the Findhorn Community since 2002 and lives with Peter Vallance in the Park. She has a long career in Education, working in the state and private sectors in England and Scotland in schools and universities. Alongside this she has a dance background in the Laban movement, modern dance and ballet, also music and performing arts. She and Peter have a shared passion for Dance, which has seen them productively supporting Dance for Children; Ecstatic Dance and Sacred Circle Dance in the Findhorn Community and beyond for many years. She is a member of the organising team.

Brant Bambery is a Scottish Findhorn Sacred Dance teacher who believes dance can heal and create harmony in community. He is the founder and host of “The Centrepiece” online Global Sacred Dance.

Kathryn Kusa – is a longtime Findhorn Community resident who sees Sacred Dance as a deep expression of the community’s values.

She has been dancing and leading Sacred Dance at Findhorn for many years.

Francesca Stridgen Brighton born with a lifetime experience of many kinds of dance. Francescea has been a participant and teacher of  Sacred Dance at Findhorn for 20 years. leading within the community and further.

Katharina Kroeber brings her experience of The BodyTalk System™ to dance with the body’s innate intelligence. 

Allison Seabourne – Alison danced with a Sacred Dance Group in Cornwall for 11 years. She moved to Findhorn in 2010, joined the Sacred Dance Group here and has also taught Paneurhythmy and Meditative Sacred Dance for many years.

Sue Clutterbuck

Alison Seabourne