Festival of Sacred Dance Music & Song

9th – 15th July 2022

Joachim Goerke

We are very much looking forward to having you all back dancing in the Universal Hall. This year our special guests are Nanni Kloke accompanied by the musician Joachim Goerke. Their theme is Religio – Reconnection. We will dance Mantras in Movement with Nanni to music composed by Pianist/ Singer Joachim. Our journey with Nanni and Joachim will be “animated and moving, powerful and lively, sensitive and profound and a delicate balance
between sound and silence”.

We hope to hold our usual lively Festival and to welcome back our regular Findhorn teachers – subject to travel, visa and further Covid restrictions.

Laura Shannon has travelled widely to research Greek and Balkan traditional dances and her teaching offers a deep experience of the sacred symbols these dances contain.

Susanne Anders Bartholomäi will share Dance Meditation. She offers an
approach to dance that deepens the awareness and the experience of the
movement and helps to find authenticity in the dance.

Peter Vallance will be sharing his approach to traditional and choreographed dances and how he blends and grows them together to create a ‘dancing field’ within which transformation can occur.

Anna Barton
O’Connells’ band

Barbara Swetina shares dances from different spiritual traditions which use mantras, sacred harmony chants and simple movements to honour the sacred in all life.

Anna Barton will be remembered and celebrated with a sharing of dances, memories and pictures.

Alison, Katharina, Francesca Kathryn,
Brant Bambery
Peter, Sue & Tom

Findhorn Sacred Dance Teachers will offer classes of traditional and choreographed dances, bringing both their individual approaches and the Findhorn way.

Brant Bambery will host a Festival Celebration of Online Sacred Dance “The Centrepiece” Session.  Join dancers and teachers globally as we visit some of the wonderful dances from the previous sessions in 2021/22. A Fun and exciting session with Surprise special guests.

Indian Band 2022

Dancing to live music is an essential part of the Festival experience and evening sessions will have musicians playing for us to dance: Nanni Kloke with live music provided by Joachim Goerke; the Indian Band playing for Gujarati and choreographed dances; an evening of traditional Greek Balkan and Armenian dances with Laura Shannons. Barbara Swetina with an evening of Sacred Harmony Dances; a Scottish Ceilidh; and an evening with the O’Connells’ band and Peter Vallance.

We hope to offer all live music evenings, including “The Centrepiece” with Brant and some other classes online. for more information about this years presenters see here…

We will announce one this page parts of the festival will be available online…watch this space!

Workshops with Nanni Kloke and  Susanne Anders Bartholomäi   will not be online

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